A PhD in Comic Book Literature....
A PhD in Comic Book Literature....

When Comic Books Tackled the Controversy of Drugs

Comics books have not been without their controversies. Over the decades, quite a number of legendary (and not so legendary) plot lines have revolved around controversial material. In the early 1970s, both DC and Marvel treaded not so very lightly into the subject of drug use and abuse. There were a few stories like them in earlier and later generations. With this cool HUB, a look back at those legendary story arcs of yesteryear are taken.....


When Comic Books Addressed Social Commentary: The Classic and Controversial Drug Story Lines of Yesteryear

Alan Moore, Swamp Thing, & the Classic Anatomy Lesson

Has it really been a full year since I have made any posts on this blog? Yeah, I guess I am about a month shy of a one year anniversary of not having posted anything. Sorry about that folks, but I have been tied up with a few things and my blogger suffered as a result. For those who do want to read something new and interesting, I am going to ask you to check out this Hub that takes a look at the legendary Anatomy Lesson issue in Saga of the Swamp Thing:

 The Anatomy Lesson and Alan Moore's Vision that Forever Changed The Saga of the Swamp Thing