Morbius the Living Vampire Returns

It looks like Marvel has once again decided to give another character that once had a failed series another shot. Issue one of Morbius is now out.

Morbius the Living Vampire debuted in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man with issue 101 in 1971. After the 100th issue, it was obvious Marvel needed to create new adversaries for Spider-Man. The created a number of them, and a lot of them were duds. Morbius though, was a pretty good one for the time period.  He even became a recurring character in the magazine Vampire Tales.

At the time, horror movies were still very popular staples on UHF stations as horror hosts generally still drew decent audiences at the time although their popularity would begin wane considerably as the decade moved on.  Morbius, honestly, looks like a cross between a TV horror host and a person with great/terrible 1970s fashion sense. He was an odd character in the sense he was an appealing villain who appeared repeatedly in numerous Spider-Man tales over the years. Morbius, however, never reached the levels of popularity that other web-slinger villains did mainly because Morbius is not exactly an original character. He is simply a traditional vampire with an nontraditional origin (Then again, the origin of Morbius is somewhat similar to that of the title create in the film Atom Age Vampire) Morbius would be created by Gerry Conway who also would contribute to Marvel's seminal vampire book Tomb of Dracula in 1972.

Back in the 1990s, Morbius had his own title as part of the Midnight Sons books. While many of these action-horror books were excellent, they did not last very long.


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