Science-Fiction Essays for the Thinker Among You

Fans of comic books are SURPRISE SURPRISE also fans of fantasy and science fiction. Some critics believe the the comic book movie genre is actually a subgenre within the worlds of fantasy and science fiction. That is another argument for another day. (Although we could say that many science fiction writers share many traits with comic book writers)

On this day, you may wish to check out to unique hubs that delve into the topic of
science fiction and fantasy literary and film movements.

All you have to do is click on the links to read the hubs.

As you might notice, these are mostly articles about hard science fiction. You will not see much from the world of space operas. This is not meant as a slight on those types of science fiction and fantasy works. However, the subject matter I like to promote is more of the hard science fiction variety.

The Road Warrior and the End of the Industrial Revolution, the Civil Society and the Natural World

The Future Today and Yesterday: The Strange World of the Cyberpunk Genre 

Obviously, the essay on The Road Warrior is about the classic 1981 film. It is not a review though. The essay looks at the film form the perspective of classic philosophical and literary movements in western civilization.

Cyberpunk is, of course, the nefarious literary genre made famous in the 1980s by some esoteric science fiction writers. The essay takes a closer look at it.

UPDATE: There is a new essay and it will be of interest to those that are huge Philip K. Dick Fans:

Altering the Mind Mundanely: We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, the Work that Inspired Total Recall


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