Batman in the News Again

This is not one of my more well written blog entries and I am not even going to edit it. I did want to mention these recent Batman news reports because it reminded me of when the radio reported Bane broke Batman's back 20 years ago. Batman books flew off the shelf once that news hit the mainstream....

I do get somewhat of a kick out of major news entities picking up new from the world of comics. The Associated Press among other major news services that there will be a major change in the Batman mythology. Such an assessment might be a little overstated. The new changes will basically be an extension of the Batman Year One concept Frank Miller devised many years ago. The new extension of events that occurred during the first year or so of Bruce Wayne's decision to become Batman and the various events in his early years wandering and learning will be covered.

I know, we have seen story arcs like this before. A host of stories in the original run of Legends of the Dark Knight revolved around the first year or so of being Batman. Granted, those were legends and not necessarily real tales part of the actual continuity of the series.

And we do all know a whole lot of changes have occurred with the onset of the New 52 DC universe.

Regardless, Batman is usually one of the best characters to follow if you like comics because the writing across the board in all the books is usually quite good. I would assume this new storyline will be an enjoyable one to follow.


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